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Perhaps you have had the pleasure of experiencing a live performance by this one-of-a-kind artist in Cancun or Acapulco Mexico or in any one of the nearly 80 other cities he has performed in worldwide. He is also known as the Silverman, El Azteca and most famously known in the United States as the Devil; his friends know him as Benji. By whatever name, the fact remains that his show is a uniquely enticing experience conceived entirely of Benji’s own imagination and inspiration. Whether you are an avid follower of electronic music, an admirer of primal choreography—or simply a fan who appreciates the irresistible magnetism of the Devil’s raw energy and intense spectacle of lasers, music, and dance—you will find yourself captivated, moving to the beat of his sound in union with the massive crowd of fans all around you.

The Devil’s performance started more than twelve years ago, in Mexico City, where the original show featured a character based on the mystic dancers of the Aztec culture. It was not long before the mystique and appeal of El Azteca captured the attention of club goers and music lovers and spread in popularity. Soon after, Benji was invited to perform as the permanent main attraction in Mexico’s most famous and highly-frequented nightclubs. For years, tourists, vacationers, spring breakers, and club goers from all over Mexico and around the globe have traveled to Acapulco by the thousands and found their way to Palladium, Dady’O, The City, MandaLa to experience these amazing nightclubs, every night with an eager anticipation of the arrival of the man known as the Devil…

When he arrives, a certain indescribable energy emanates throughout the club. The crowd pauses, the lights dim, and the music stops momentarily. Heads turn to the flaming torch the Devil carries, and people struggle to get a closer look at this man painted head-to-toe in silver paint. He wears an enormous feathered head piece that is magnificent in colors and brilliant in size. He looks like nothing you have seen before… a “Devil” who has the body of an ancient God but is dressed like an Aztec warrior. From start to finish, this show is a total sensory experience that will surely subdue the mind and electrify the body.

The sensation of El Azteca has since become well-known throughout all of Mexico, and widely recognized as the Devil throughout the US and overseas. While still residing in his home in Acapulco, Benji has spent the last several years traveling throughout Mexico and the US—as well as Israel, Canada, Europe, and Africa—drawing fans by the thousands to experience the alluring thrill of Dancing with the Devil. His performance has evolved over time, incorporating new elements of technology to enhance the experience, including an incredible exhibition of lights and lasers, and he has been updating his music every six months. The show has captured the attention of promoters, club owners, and fans who have invited Benji to perform in dozens of cities in Mexico and nearly 50 cities in the US. He has traveled internationally to countries such as Israel, Morocco, Germany, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and has plans to expand his tour to such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Japan, and Australia in the coming year.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Devil’s show has grown beyond independent appearances. Over the past two years, Benji has performed as a featured artist with Life in Color (before Dayglow) a production and entertainment company known globally as “the World’s Largest Paint Party.” The intense artistry, high-energy dance, and highly addictive music of the Devil’s performance fits well with Dayglow’s innovative and unique style which fuses live performances with world-famous DJs and cannons that deliver the one-of-a-kind “paint blast.” Together with Dayglow, for the past three years, the Devil has performed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, an overwhelmingly successful annual music festival, widely known as one of the biggest and most popular electronic music events in the world.

Collectively over the years, the Devil has performed alongside some of the most well-recognized DJs from across the globe, including artists such as Tiesto, Sidney Samson, Chuckie, Manufactured Superstars, Laidback Luke, Bingo Players, David Solano, Porter Robinson, Feed Me, Bad Boy Bill, Richard Vission, Robbie Rivera, Steve Angello, Edgar V, DJ Dan, Funkagenda, and Donald Glaude, among others.

Needless to say, the Devil has become an international phenomenon. People are drawn to him, seeking that indescribable, liberating intensity that only the Devil can bring. This one-man show has not only captivated the minds and hearts of fans, but has also set off a trend of imposters, there have been multiple copycats who have tried to recreate the show. These imposters have tried—albeit unsuccessfully—to imitate Benji’s show by imitating his costume, using his music, posing as his character, and even falsely using his name. While copycats can try to imitate every unique component of the Devil’s performance, none can come close to providing the surreal, spectacular experience that only the original Devil—only Benji—can provide.

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